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Ruppersberger Issues Statement on Proposed Agreement with Iran

Jul 21, 2015
Floor Statement

Like my colleagues in Congress, I have begun the arduous task of reviewing the agreement to keep Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. I voted for legislation that gives Congress a 60-day window to review this agreement, and I will be spending that time conducting careful research and asking many, many questions of the negotiators and technical experts who drafted the long and complex document.

I will not make a final decision on whether or not to support the agreement on the House floor until I am satisfied that it is our best chance to prevent a nuclear Iran and protect Israel and our Arab allies. Iran is a country that exports terrorism and they should not be trusted. I want to be sure the agreement enables quick and thorough inspections as well as the immediate “snap back” of sanctions if Iran violates any terms of the agreement. While these sanctions did not slow Iran’s nuclear program, they were effective in getting Iran to the diplomatic table.

The stakes are too high to let partisan politics get in the way of a fair, open and thoughtful debate. I am encouraging my constituents to send me their questions, concerns and views as Congress prepares for its vote in September.