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Floor Statement Against DHS Shutdown Threat

Feb 24, 2015
Floor Statement
Congressman urges a clean DHS funding bill.

I ask unanimous consent to address the House for 1 minute.

As we saw from the horrific terrorist attack in Paris, now is not the time to be cutting funding for programs that protect Americans from enemies intent on doing us harm. 

I am dismayed that some lawmakers are supporting punitive and ill-informed legislation to defund the Department of Homeland Security because they disagree with President Obama’s recent Executive Action on the deportation of undocumented immigrants. 

It is wrong to play political football with something as sacred as our national security. 

Even if you disagree with the President’s immigration policy, it is irresponsible to withhold funding from the agencies that protect Americans from terrorists. 

I know from my experience as Ranking Member of the House Intelligence Committee that it is a dangerous world.

We must fully fund priorities including Secret Service, the Coast Guard and border security through a Department of Homeland Security appropriations bill while, separately, debating comprehensive immigration reform. 
Let’s stop the ideological partisan politics and do what the American people want us to do – protect our homeland, our communities and our families.
It is time to be constructive, not obstructive.