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Washington Post: Compromise isn’t a dirty word

Apr 19, 2013
The April 11 front-page article “On Hill, hope springs as both sides talk” began: “For the first time in a while, members of the two parties — at least some of them — appear to be getting things done, even without the deadline of a manufactured crisis looming.”
This is a great disservice to the many of us in Congress who reach across the aisle on a daily basis. Just last week, members of the House intelligence committee decisively passed major bipartisan legislation that will help U.S. companies better protect themselves from cyber­attacks. The bill was co-written by me and my Republican counterpart on the committee, Chairman Mike Rogers (Mich.). We’ll continue to work side by side on this bill and the other issues that affect our national security. We both agree that terrorists, hackers and nuclear weapons are our enemies — not each other.
The American people should know many of us in Congress understand that compromise isn’t a dirty word and that common sense supersedes ideology. The recent progress on gun control, immigration and our budget challenges should be celebrated, but they are far from breakthroughs in bipartisanship.