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Congressman C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger

Representing the 2nd District of Maryland

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  • Ruppersberger: "Let Mueller do his job"

    "I believe in the checks and balances provided by our forefathers. In our country, you must be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. To a moral certainty. That’s a high test — that begins with a fair and impartial investigation. I have worked with Mr. Mueller, and I can personally attest to his tremendous integrity. I have full confidence that he’s up to the task. Let’s let him complete it." Read the op-ed here:
  • Ruppersberger: Tax Reform Plan Will Hurt Middle Class

    Dutch lead a town hall meeting to discuss how the tax and budget proposals put forward by Congressional Republicans and the Trump Administration will affect Baltimore residents and people across Maryland. Check out video from the event here:
  • Hultgren and Ruppersberger: Protect infrastructure finance in tax reform

    Americans on both sides of the aisle agree: Our current tax code is complex, costly and time consuming. It hurts the ability of American businesses to grow and create new middle-class jobs, and for individuals to cover basic household costs. We believe it’s time for real reforms that simplify the tax code, lower taxes on all Americans and their families and stimulate job growth.
  • Op-ed: Medicaid Cuts Shift Burdens to States

    "Thanks to massive grassroots mobilization efforts, our state narrowly averted disaster when Congress failed to pass any version of Affordable Care Act (ACA) repeal that would have restructured Medicaid and left thousands of my constituents without health care coverage. Stopping health care repeal was a huge victory, but the fight is not over yet. Even deeper cuts to Medicaid have been proposed in the 2018 budget resolution, which would slash health care by $1.5 trillion over the next 10 years to pay for billions in tax breaks to the rich and corporations over that same period." Read more from the Baltimore Sun at this link: